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Fudbalski klub

Kosarkaski klub
North side after fans left
Фото: www.delije.net

Official Release

2005-05-14 19:06:22    Извор: www.delije.net
After the events preceding and during the last derby match, we the organized fans `Delije Sever` feel obliged to address public.

The sole reason we had to leave `the eternal derby` was that police did not allow us to place banners on the north bleachers, forbade us to perform our prepared correography, and to carry the flags, drums, and other paraphernalia ...>>

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Навијачке вести   Спортске вести

2005-06-17 00:23:42    Извор: www.delije.net

The Second Half Too

The second basketball semifinals home league match brought out the best in Delije

The first querter was followed with a number of songs that we sang very loudly, disregarding the unfavourable result. However, the bedlam started during the next period when we kept on singing 'F*** you' in a growing noise ...>>
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2005-06-14 22:34:31    Извор: www.delije.net

The First Semifinals Duel

Nenad Negovanovic - SC
Nenad Negovanovic - SC
It was hard to cheer the Red Star tonight. Hard, but not impossible. The game hardly began when it was clear that our team had nothing much to do down on the floor. So we only refer to our impressions as supporters ...>>
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2005-06-25 08:30:44    Извор: www.delije.net

Covention And Reinforcements

President of the RSFC Supervising Board Mr. Sinia Ćirić, after meeting with the Working Group, announced the Electoral Caucuss to be held on June 6 at 6 pm. The agenda will contain six items ...>>
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2005-06-22 08:52:41    Извор: www.blic.co.yu

Zigic and Dudic Miss Start

Hoping to remain the RS coach Mr. Ratko Dostanić gathered yesterday his players at Marakana. The roll-call assembled all footballers except for Nikola igić and Milan Dudić, who were permitted to stay on a prolongued holiday due to their duties with the national team now in Toronto, for Dragan Stančić and Goran Popov, who will chage the club, and for Dragan Bogavac who asked to be a late ...>>
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